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Mini Touch Golf app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 854 ratings )
Games Family Sports
Developer: Try This Networks Inc.
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 77.56 Mb

** Now with iPad Retina support**
** Now with native iPad support in 1 convenient universal binary.**
** Now with Game Center support via OpenFeint **
** Now with Retina Display **

*Complete graphics overhaul! New challenging obstacles! Brand new sound effects!*

Putt your way through 36 holes of miniature golf. Navigate past garden gnomes and through a haunted house. Avoid puddles and sandtraps, and power your shot down challenging slopes.

Touch the ball and pull back your finger to determine the power of your stroke. Glide your finger in any direction to point the ball wherever you want. Lift your finger to release your shot.

- Intuitive controls using the touch interface
- 36 holes of obstacle covered miniature golf
- Holes increase in difficulty making it more and more challenging to make par
- Practice any hole to improve your chances of making par on the course
- Fully compatible with every iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad including 1st generation devices.

- 2 finger pinch-zoom to adjust the viewable area.
- Put your finger on the ball and then drag in any direction. Youll see a line and thats where your ball will go. The farther you drag your finger away from the ball, the harder youll hit the ball.
- There is a little (i) on the lower right corner. Tapping this while in the game will bring up the in-game menu.


Your v2.0 update not working? You may need to delete the application from your device and download it again from the App Store.

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Pros and cons of Mini Touch Golf app for iPhone and iPad

Mini Touch Golf app good for

Not too difficult, great for grabbing a few game moments. Option to turn off music doesnt work - needs top priority fix! Other than inability to shut off music, more "random" courses for new games would keep it interesting.
Fun you can turn off the music. It is challenging. Theres 18 holes in the game. You just have to exit the game to save it. You can start a new ham to.
Great golf game its the best game I have ever played for almost 1 year
I love everything about this game. Especially the graphics, the gameplay the sound effects and best of all there is not one but two mini-golf courses.
I love this game it is so much fun:)!!!! It can be boring sometimes though but is still a good nd fun the graphics are just okay overall it is just an "okay" game Im glad I bought this app though:)
Was fun to play. The more you play, you can go up and down. You never know when something is going to send you back to where you started.

Some bad moments

This game is awful. The feature to turn off annoying music doesnt work. The physics of the game are below average. Did not enjoy it at all.
Could be fun, but has significant flaws. Only has the one course of 18 holes, and it certainly needs more. Also, although the interface for putting works well in principle, I often found that I didnt have enough room to slide my finger in order to make the shot. It would also be great if it remembered the scores so that you could compare and improve over time, otherwise, whats the point? Just not enough to justify the money.
This game was ok, has some annoying glitches with the ball getting stuck. Should be an option to cancel the shot before you take the shot in case you run out of room.
Please do not buy this game. I got this game free and I still think its poorly made. Then I saw the price (currently at $1.99) and had to warn anyone who would listen. This app wasnt even that good free but since I got it free I didnt complain. Now its a paid app so I feel the need to warn the buyer. Its has too many glichtes. The graphics are poor. The overall game isnt interesting.
I am ashamed to say that I went and paid the $2.00. This has got to be the worst game Ive played on the iPod yet ! Im requesting my money back, hopefully they respond with regrets of selling this crap to people. The graphics are terrible, there is nothing to the game ! Very, very boring. A waste of memory space! It took me a whole 5 minutes to complete the game. Disgraceful ! I would rate no stars if it would let me, but I have to put one just to enter my comment!
I never write reviews, but this one is such a piece of junk I had too. 2$ for this! Cant believe it. I would erase the thing even if I had gotten it for free. Dont waste your money on this! Who ever came up with this crap should be ashamed of charging people for it, and should definitely got back to their old job... What ever it was!

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